Secure & Easy-to-manage Internet Access

Today‚Äôs routers are simply not smart and powerful enough to protect your company. Enter Roqos, an SD-WAN and Internet security company that provides cybersecurity, insights, employee controls, VPN and easy to manage networking with Roqos Core appliances which are constantly and automatically updated for 24x7 protection.

Protect your devices

  • INTRUSION PREVENTION SYSTEM: Widely used by enterprises to block malware, suspicious activities and ransomware.
  • DEEP PACKET INSPECTION: Inspect every single packet to/from Internet for possible malware.
  • COUNTRY BLOCK: Stop Internet traffic to and from certain countries to protect yourself from their cyber attacks.
  • AD BLOCK: Block advertisements in web pages or applications on your phones and laptops per user or for the whole company.
  • AUTOMATIC SECURITY UPDATES: Get automatic updates for recent cybersecurity threats.
  • MANAGE MULTIPLE ROQOS CORES: Easily setup and control multiple Roqos Cores from a single login.

Comprehensive & Easy-to-use VPN

OpenVPN based Roqos VPN provides quickest setup and richest feature set for your privacy and identity protection. Easy to use, click & connect Roqos VPN apps are available on all Roqos appliances, Android, Apple, Amazon phones and tablets, as well as Amazon FireTV, and all Windows and MAC platforms. More on Roqos VPN ...

SD-WAN with always-on internet

Backup Internet Connection

Automatically switch to a cellular Internet connection when the main internet goes down.

Multi WAN With Prioritization

Control how multiple WAN connection should be use in case of failure. Limit which devices can be on which WAN connection.

Roqos Cellular Data Service

Get your cellular Internet service from Roqos who provides basic backup connection bundled in Roqos Service, as well as packages for higher usages.

Expandable Open Source Solution

Complete Transparency

Roqos software running on Roqos Core appliances are either open source software or scripted code written by Roqos engineers. Roqos Core appliances have console access with root privileges.

No Closed Source Software

As a cybersecurity company, Roqos does not use any closed source software which may have suspicious code written by anybody in the world.

Add Your Software

Roqos platforms are Linux based open systems that users can add their software, virtual machines and containers for true software defined networking.

Remote Management via roqos oms

Roqos Operations Management System (OMS) provides several remote management capabilities.

Viewing Global Location

Locate Roqos Cores around the world with GNSS data or public IP address. Quickly determine the status with color coded icons,

Replicating Roqos Cores

Copy common configurations from a previously activated Roqos Core appliance to new ones with a click.

Monitoring VPN Servers

Get status of all VPN servers that Roqos Cores are connected easily in real-time.

Remote Command Execution

Execute any Roqos OS commands remotely for productive and real time management.

Transferring Files & Generating Reports

Push and pull any configuration files. Generate diagnostics reports for in depth troubleshooting.

User Management

Create OMS users with administrator or monitor rights, as well as remote administrators for resellers, partners or departments.

Roqos Cores Are Around The World

Thousands of companies around the world have chosen Roqos.

Why Roqos?

Automatic Firmware & Security Updates

Roqos Core's firmwware, cybersecurity signatures, new software and features are automatically and constantly updated.

Dynamic DNS Service

Connect your networks from anywhere in the world by using your unique domain name.

Extendable Open Source Platform

Add your own software, virtual machine and container on Roqos platforms for custom applications.

Backup Internet

Never loose internet connection by automatically switching to Roqos cellular internet service when main internet is down.

Real Time Notifications & Weekly Reports

Learn about Internet loss, suspicious activity, new device connection, VPN loss, etc. via real time alerts and weekly reports.

Comprehensive VPN Features

Easily connect your networks for secure communication over the internet with feature-rich Roqos VPN. 

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