Parental Controls

  • Protecting kids inside and outside home
  • Schedule Internet usage by day and time
  • Safe search [?]
  • Easy to use predefined filter categories
  • Filter specific sites
  • Create white and black filter lists [?]
  • Setup user profiles
  • Device assignment for users
  • One click Internet pause
  • Continuous updates of harmful sites [?]
  • Activity & usage history [?]
  • Pausing Internet for a specific device

IoT Protection

  • Enterprise grade cybersecurity protection
  • Blocking ransomware and other malware
  • Privacy protection [?]
  • Continuously examining Internet traffic
  • Deep packet inspection to detect threats
  • Automated & 24/7 security updates [?]
  • Security signatures used by enterprises
  • Detecting suspicious activities [?]
  • Email and in app notifications [?]
  • Blocking advertisements [?]
  • VPN [?]
  • Country block [?]

Easy Networking

  • Easy to use iPhone,Android,web interface
  • No flickering annoying lights [?]
  • Discover all devices in your home [?]
  • Control your network from anywhere [?]
  • Share WiFi access via text or email [?]
  • Invite guests without Wi-Fi passwords [?]
  • Guest passwords with time duration [?]
  • Easily expand your Wi-Fi [?]
  • Securely adding new devices [?]
  • Dynamic DNS [?]
  • Resetting Roqos Core from app [?]
  • Backup Internet (coming soon) [?]


Parental ControlsRoqosOthers
Protecting kids outside homeYesSome
Email notificationsYesNo
Custom filters with black & white listsYesSome
Showing real time activityYesNo
Block proxy bypassingYesNo
Automatic signature updatesYesNo
Pause all devices or single deviceYesSome
Usage historyYesSome
Block DNS spoofingYesNo
Emailing usage reportsYes*No
Time limitsYes*Some
Block VPN bypassingYes*No
Block surfing by IP addressYes*No
Cybersecurity, IoT Security & VPNRoqosOthers
Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)YesNo
Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) YesNo
Security alertsYesNo
Automatic security signature updatesYesNo
Country blockYesNo
Guest VPNYesNo
Selecting devices for VPN OUTYesNo
Notifications for VPN eventsYesNo
International VPN serversYesNo
RC to RC VPN connectionYesNo
Connecting to any OpenVPN serverYes*No
Viewing details of connected devicesYesNo
Guest networkYesSome
Temporary guest access with codesYesNo
Port forwardingYesNo
Static IP assignmentsYesSome
DHCP server settingsYesSome
DNS server settingsYesNo
Virtual WPSYesNo
Dynamic DNSYesNo
iPerf speed testYesNo
LAN and WAN speed testYes*No
Backup InternetYes*No
Platform & User InterfaceRoqosOthers
4 Core high speed processorYesNo
Inline routerYesSome
Gigabit switch portsYesSome
USB 3.0 portYesSome
Simultaneous dual 2.4 & 5 GHz Wi-FiYesSome
Automatic firmware updatesYesNo
SSH server with sudo rightsYesNo
Open-source enterprise-grade SW YesNo
Remote reboot from appYesNo
iPhone, Android, Web browser supportYesSome

* coming soon


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