Comprehensive, Auto-updated & Multilayered Protection

Roqos provides enterprise-grade, comprehensive, multilayered cybersecurity that protects your network around the clock, gets automatic updates to handle the latest threats, and alerts you for any suspicious activities.

Intrusion Prevention

  • INTRUSION PREVENTION SYSTEM (IPS): Widely used by enterprises to block malware, suspicious activities and ransomware.
  • DEEP PACKET INSPECTION: Inspect every single packet to/from Internet for possible malware.
  • AUTOMATIC UPDATES: Have piece of mind with Roqos appliances automatically updating IPS signatures for any new threat.

Country Block

  • BLOCK UNWANTED COUNTRIES: Stop Internet traffic to and from certain countries to protect yourself from their cyber attacks.
  • EASY SETUP: Easily pick and choose which continent, region or country your Roqos appliance needs to block.
  • DETECT or BLOCK: Set Country Block violation as either "detect" to learn about the usage, or "block" them.

Effective Cybersecurity

Real-time Alerts

Get real-time alerts on all suspicious activities, malware detection and country block hits.

Automatic Security Updates

Get automatic updates on latest malware, attacks, suspicious IP addresses.

Monitoring Device Health

Get real-time alerts when your critical networked devices go offline via email, Roqos app, and push notification.

Ad Block

Block advertisements in web pages or applications on phones and laptops per user, group or for the whole company.

Layer-2 Mode

Run Roqos Cores (select models) in layer 2 mode (bridge mode) to eliminate need for IP address change or subnetting.

Rogue DHCP Server Detection

Detect additional DHCP servers inserted by careless users or hackers, and get real-time alerts.