What is Micro-segmentation?

Micro-segmentation is a cybersecurity technique used to enhance network security by dividing a network into smaller, isolated segments or zones. This approach allows for more granular control over network traffic and limits the spread of potential breaches. There are several benefits of implementing micro-segmentation in today's networks:

Roqos Global & Local Micro-Segmentation

Roqos implements agentless micro-segmentation both globally among sites and locally in LANs using a patent-pending technology. In Global Micro-Segmentation (GMS), end-points across multiple sites or in cloud can be grouped and segmented for unique policies with a few clicks. With Local Micro-Segmentation (LMS), devices in a LAN can be remotely segmented or isolated with no network connection. They can be protected with internet-only or inter-segment policies, allowing bi-directional or uni-directional communications among them.

Roqos provides powerful cybersecurity by coupling micro-segmentation with other Roqos cybersecurity features such as asset discovery, policy editor, threat prevention, ZTNA and others. It supports not only IT infrastructures but also IoT and OT environments.

Roqos vs Others

Distributed SASE

SASE implemented on directly inter-connected Roqos Core appliances instead of being completely dependent on the cloud.

Private SASE

The only complete on-prem SASE for organizations who cannot use public clouds.

Click & Connect with OmniVPNĀ®

Patented OmniVPNĀ® technology allowing easy remote connections without any port forwarding or firewall modifications.

Local Threat Detection & Prevention

Detecting, blocking and reporting threats locally on Roqos Core appliances instead of the cloud.

Universal ZTNA

Network access control based on roles, locations and schedules of both remote and local users with BYOD.

Global & Local Micro-segmentation

Create agentless micro-segments in your network. Quickly isolate devices to stop lateral movement of malware.


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