Roqos - OmniVPN, VPN Without Limits

OmniVPN™, Finally A VPN That Can Connect All Networks

Traditionally it was not possible to make a VPN connection through CGNATs, multiple NATs, cellular routers, and private IP addresses.

Thanks to OmniVPN™, a patent-pending technology, it is now possible to make VPN connections over any network access without any complex port-forwarding rules on firewalls. It is independent of VPN protocols, both OpenVPN and WireGuard (soon) are supported.

The Only VPN Router Traversing CGNATs

Roqos Cores using OmniVPN™ are the only VPN routers that can traverse CGNATs used by ISPs, mobile and satellite operators.

Multiple NATs? No problem!

Even if your VPN destination is behind cascaded NATs, OmniVPN™ still automatically creates connections.

No More Complex Firewall Port Forwarding

OmniVPN™ eliminates the need for creating and constantly updating complex port forwarding rules on firewalls.

No Need For Security-risk UPnP

As OmniVPN™ automatically finds VPN ports, there is no need for UPnP protocol which is considered as risky.

Detecting Address Conflicts & Sending Alerts

OmniVPN™ automatically detects any duplicate IP address assignments and notifies users before VPN connections.

Click & Connect

Roqos' VPN implementation does not require any complex settings, simply Click & Connect to create virtual networks.

Working From Home

  • Continue normal business operations while supporting Working From Home (WFH).
  • Secure your teleworking employees the same as your on-site employees.
  • Increase productivity by securely distributing company resources with VPN connections.

Access Your Devices Remotely

  • Remotely access your devices from anywhere on the Internet.
  • No need to change settings on ISP routers.
  • No more complex port-forwarding rules.
  • Available on Windows and Apple laptops, IoS and Android phones.


  • VPN-In: Enjoy secure Internet access in public networks by making encrypted VPN In connection to your Roqos VPN routers in your company.
  • GUEST VPN: Allow partners to connect to your Roqos VPN network by creating guest accounts.
  • DYNAMIC DNS: Access your company network by a domain name rather than by IP addresses that are frequently changed by ISPs.

SITE-TO-SITE omnivpn™

  • Connect multiple locations to create a true VPN.
  • Access your private office in coworking space from your home.
  • Access devices at every location as if they are all in your office.
  • Pick and choose which device can be on VPN connections.
  • Use the intuitive Roqos app/Webapp without technical knowledge to set up connections in minutes.

Click & Connect OMNIVPN™

Roqos provides easy-to-use and comprehensive VPN features on enterprise grade, secure and fast Roqos Core VPN routers. No need for complicated VPN configuration, just click and connect with the intuitive Roqos app/webapp. Download Roqos OmniVPN Datasheet