Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) for Today's Workforce

Provide cloud-based or on-prem, easy-to-use and powerful cybersecurity for today's workforce. Give your local and remote users role-based network access with BYOD, while blocking threats.

What is ZTNA?

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is about not trusting users' devices and the networks that they are coming from, before allowing them to access company resources. ZTNA requires all users to always authenticate themselves using software installed on their phones and laptops. It has continuous monitoring and verification with re-logins when users change location, their devices go offline, or applications change state. While ZTNA is initially proposed for remote users, solutions such as Roqos SASE covering both local and remote users are called Universal ZTNA.

Benefits of ZTNA

Roqos Universal ZTNA

Roqos' Universal ZTNA not only provides true zero trust access to remote users but also for local ones, thanks to Roqos SASE applications running on PCs, laptops, tablets and phones.

  • Policy enforcer for specific users to access specific applications.
  • Roaming from homes to offices while accessing the same resources.
  • Supporting Windows, Apple, Linux PCs, laptops and phones.
  • MFA and Geofencing for extra account security.
  • Reporting location of remote users.
  • Patented Internet Usage Data showing Internet traffic for each user.
  • Faster cloud adaptation with easy to manage Roqos Universal ZTNA.

BYOD Support

Roqos' Universal ZTNA supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) requirement of modern work places. Roqos SASE apps running on laptops and phones allow employees to use their own devices while securely accessing company resources.

  • Easily support BYOD with simple Roqos SASE applications to maximize employee productivity.
  • Decrease operating costs by allowing your employees to use their devices for securely accessing your applications.
  • Increase satisfaction of employees who uses their own devices locally or remotely.

Roqos vs Others

Distributed SASE

SASE implemented on directly inter-connected Roqos Core appliances instead of being completely dependent on the cloud.

Private SASE

The only complete on-prem SASE for organizations who cannot use public clouds.

Click & Connect with OmniVPNĀ®

Patented OmniVPNĀ® technology allowing easy remote connections without any port forwarding or firewall modifications.

Local Threat Detection & Prevention

Detecting, blocking and reporting threats locally on Roqos Core appliances instead of the cloud.

Universal ZTNA

Network access control based on roles, locations and schedules of both remote and local users with BYOD.

Global & Local Micro-segmentation

Create agentless micro-segments in your network. Quickly isolate devices to stop lateral movement of malware.

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