What are LAN, WAN, SDN & SD-WAN?

Wide Area Network (WAN) is inter-connected Local Area Networks (LAN), which can be WiFi or Ethernet networks. If you have multiple sites connected to each other over the internet, or remote users accessing your company resources, then you have a WAN.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a modern way of controlling network hardware by software running in the cloud. SDN not only provides savings in hardware, but also allows integration to other systems to have many powerful features such as faster setup, improved handling of network failures, better cybersecurity, etc.

Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) uses the SDN approach for controlling WAN hardware, usually called "WAN router", or simply “router”. Using cloud management, SD-WAN easily and securely inter-connects routers over the internet, provides multiple ISP connections for redundancy, allows remote users to connect securely, etc.

What is SASE?

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a new network and cybersecurity architecture combining SD-WAN, ZTNA, and threat prevention. It manages access to on-prem or cloud applications based on users’ roles, locations and schedules. It also provides multi-layer cybersecurity with IP filtering, DNS filtering, CountryBlock, AdBlock, and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). In addition, it monitors networks and users, discovers new devices, and reports significant events as well as suspicious activities in real-time.

Roqos Distributed SASE

Today's SASE networks are not capable of making direct connections among sites. Instead, they carry all of the traffic to their overlay networks located in their datacenters or in a public cloud. Overlay networks are risky, because:

  • They create additional latency.
  • They may limit networks with their available bandwidth.
  • They introduce a new point of failure.
  • Companies lose control of their networks.
  • Privacy risk as data goes through the provider's network.

Thanks to the patented OmniVPN® technology, Roqos' Distributed SASE directly connects multiple sites and remote users. Roqos' Distributed SASE does not require any modifications on ISP or upstream routers while inter-connecting every network type including the following:

  • Network with CGNATs
  • Multiple NATs
  • Cellular connections
  • Satellite connections
  • Networks with private IP addresses
Since only the SASE management traffic is in the Roqos Cloud, no data packets are sent to public clouds. Roqos Core appliances with high processing power, large memory and storage locally implement all SASE features in a distributed fashion instead of being dependent on a public cloud.

Roqos Private SASE

Current SASE solutions are implemented in public clouds where all SASE customers' traffic are sent to. However, due to governmental restrictions or security practices, some organizations may not send their data to public clouds. Traditional SASE implementations may not be suitable for these organizations.

Roqos Distributed SASE can also be implemented in a private cloud or private datacenter, without sending any end user or application data to a public network. When implemented on-prem, Roqos' Private SASE provides the same features as the SASE in the Roqos cloud.

Only Roqos Private SASE is completely contained in a private cloud without any external communication.

Roqos vs Others

Distributed SASE

SASE implemented on directly inter-connected Roqos Core appliances instead of being completely dependent on the cloud.

Private SASE

The only complete on-prem SASE for organizations who cannot use public clouds.

Click & Connect with OmniVPN®

Patented OmniVPN® technology allowing easy remote connections without any port forwarding or firewall modifications.

Local Threat Detection & Prevention

Detecting, blocking and reporting threats locally on Roqos Core appliances instead of the cloud.

Universal ZTNA

Network access control based on roles, locations and schedules of both remote and local users with BYOD.

Real-time Alerting

Detailed reporting and real-time alerting of network and user events as well as suspicious activities.

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