Companies with limited IT budget can now get the same cybersecurity protection as big enterprises.

Monitoring Networks & Devices

Roqos continuously scans your network, learns about your devices and their activities by examining every single data packet.

Threat Detection

By using big threat database any suspicious activity, hack attempts, network attacks are automatically detected in real-time.

Blocking Malicious Traffic

Traffic to and from a specific device is stopped automatically as soon as it is flagged as malicious or suspicious.

Real-time Alerting

When a threat is detected, an alert containing threat details, the affected device, and the time of the event is sent in real-time.


Significant events such as threats, new device detections, and network outages are historically maintained and reported.

Automatic Updates

Cybersecurity signatures are automatically and frequently updated to be fully protected against latest threads. More ...

OmniVPN™ Providing VPN For All Networks

Finally there is a VPN technology that works for all types of networks, CGNAT, multiple NATs, cellular connections, private IP address, etc. Thanks to Roqos' automated software, no more complex VPN configurations, updating static routes, port forwarding or UPnP settings. Using OpenVPN and WireGuard (soon) protocols, patent-pending OmniVPN™ provides Click & Connect VPN with quickest setup and richest feature set. More ...

Coworking / Shared Offices

always-on Secure internet

Access Internet Everywhere

Access Internet wherever there is cellular service with Roqos Core cellular appliances.

Cybersecurity On Cellular

Roqos cellular routers with cybersecurity protection using IPS, and Country Block are unique in the cellular router market.

Backup Internet Connection

Automatically switch to a cellular Internet connection when the main internet goes down in your office or home. More ...

Intuitive & Effective Solution-In-A-Box

Super Easy Remote Installation

Easy and quick remote activation of Roqos Cores make installation at remote locations a trivial task.

Learn About Your Devices & Their Usage

Discover all networked devices and learn about user and device activities (patented technology).

Automatic Failover & Restore

Never lose internet access by switching to another ISP or a cellular connection with prioritization.

Layer-3 & Layer-2 Modes

Operate Roqos Core appliances in either Layer-3 (routing) or Layer-2 (bridging) mode which eliminates subnetting.

Remote Management With Phones

Use Roqos webapp on your phone or laptop to securely and remotely manage your network and get realtime alerts.

Automatic Firmware & Security Updates

Roqos Core's firmwware, cybersecurity signatures, new software and features are automatically and constantly updated.

Real Time Notifications & Weekly Reports

Learn about Internet loss, suspicious activity, new device connection, VPN loss, etc. via real time alerts and weekly reports.

Set Schedules For WiFi and Internet Access

Control WiFi and Internet access times by defining schedules per user or per device.

Dashboard with Remote Management

Roqos Operations Management System (OMS) is a dashboard for your network with remote management, geo-locating, reporting, and many more features that are easy to use.

Global View

Locate Roqos Cores around the world with GNSS data or public IP address. Quickly determine the status with color coded icons,

Replicating Roqos Cores

Copy common configurations from a previously activated Roqos Core appliance to new ones with a click.

Monitoring Device Health

Get real-time alerts when your critical networked devices go offline via email, Roqos app, and push notification.

Manage Multiple Roqos Cores

Easily and remotely setup and control multiple Roqos Cores from a single login from OMS.

Transferring Files & Generating Reports

Push and pull any configuration files. Generate diagnostics reports for in depth troubleshooting.

Remote Command Execution

Execute any Roqos OS commands remotely for productive and real time management.

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