Complete Cybersecurity with SASE, SD-WAN and ZTNA

Asset Discovery

Continuously scan your network to create inventory of your users and devices and to learn your attack surface.

Role-based Access Control With Schedules

Allow accessing local and remote resources with MFA and SSO (soon) based on user, group, device, location, and date/time.

Threat Prevention

Detect, block and alert any threats and suspicious activities in real-time.

Geo-Fencing As Extra Layer Of Control

Allow users to access your resources based on their locations, while blocking remote login attempts using stolen credentials.

Cloud & On-premises

Protect both on-premises and cloud-based systems with the same powerful solution.

Almost Zero Touch Deployment & Provisioning

Set up and configure Roqos Core appliances remotely in 60 seconds for maximum productivity.

Firewall As A Service

Protect your dataflow and block unwanted access with intuitive policy editor in AWS, Azure and GCP (soon).

No Overlay Network - Direct Connections

Don't be dependent on somebody else's network by sending all of your traffic to them, use your own network.

Monitoring With Real-time Alerting

Get real-time alerts for suspicious activities, login attempts, VPN connections and network events.


Create micro segments of your network containing specific users & applications for granular control & limiting lateral movements.

Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

Filter unwanted sites with inappropriate content and control web access.

Multi-tenancy for MSP/MSSPs

Grow your customer base and increase your revenues with expandable, multi-tenant, easy-to-use Roqos solutions.

Networks Managed


Devices Protected


Threats Blocked



SASE Without Overlay Network

Companies with limited IT budgets and personnel can now get the same cybersecurity protection as big enterprises. Roqos' SASE solution with SD-WAN and ZTNA provides enterprise-grade comprehensive cybersecurity so that companies can focus on their businesses.

Today's SASE networks are not capable of making direct connections among sites. Instead, they carry all of the traffic to their overlay networks located in their datacenters or in a public cloud. While they claim their SASE solution is the VPN killer, they in fact use VPN to carry customers' traffic to their networks. Overlay networks are full of risks for companies, because:

  • Closed and limited threat intelligence and hunting.
  • They create additional latency.
  • They may limit networks with their available bandwidth.
  • They introduce a new point of failure.
  • Companies lose control of their networks.
  • As all of the data goes through their network, there is a privacy risk.

Thanks to Roqos' patented OmniVPN® technology, it is now possible to connect every network regardless of the technology they use:

  • Network with CGNATs
  • Multiple NATs
  • Cellular connections
  • Satellite connections
  • Networks with private IP addresses
  • Networks with duplicate IP addresses
Roqos' SASE solution using OmniVPN® does not use an overlay network. Instead, it directly connects all sites. Remote users are also allowed to access local resources as well cloud applications, while getting complete cybersecurity protection. More ...

Innovative Features

Block Countries at Wire Speed

With the Country Block feature stop Internet traffic to and from certain countries to protect yourself from their cyber attacks.

Learn About Your Devices & Their Usage

Discover all networked devices and learn about user and device activities (patented technology)

Automatic Failover & Restore

Never lose internet access by switching to another ISP or a cellular connection with prioritization.

Vulnerability Analysis

Perform vulnerability scanning with a few clicks, schedule daily scans, and automatically generate detailed reports.

Set Schedules For WiFi and Internet Access

Control WiFi and Internet access times by defining schedules per user or per device.

Monitor Device Health

Get real-time alerts when your critical networked devices go offline via email and push notification.


Roqos has made the security of our systems a viable option especially when our small business struggled with a lack of IT knowledge. It has provided us a remote and cloud-based system, which is also cost-effective, and user-friendly for our mental health organization. I can always count on their support when we struggle or need additional services.

Erica Falk-Huzar, PsyD, President

Deer Path Integrated Living

Roqos’ network security solutions are designed around open source, use industry standards, and are supported by a very responsive group of hardware and software engineers. As Roqos remotely manages my network, I no longer worry about updates and patches. Anyone who is serious about protecting their network (large or small) should look at what Roqos has to offer.

Joseph Sutorius

Chief Information Officer (retired)


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