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You may not know this, but your home is wide open to hackers and your kids are vulnerable to some sites with dangerous content. Today’s routers are simply not powerful enough to protect you. Enter Roqos, the first home Internet security service that provides cybersecurity, parental controls, VPN, Dynamic DNS and easy home networking with Roqos Core , the most powerful home VPN router using patent-pending technologies.

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Roqos provides enterprise-level security to prevent malware from infecting any networked hardware.

Tim Moynihan


There’s a new class of device, the Roqos Core, which adds cybersecurity and the ability to monitor your kids through an app.

Keith Shaw

Network World

With Roqos, you don't have to worry about installing malware protection and parental controls on your and your kids' devices.

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Protect Your Kids


It is expensive and hard work to implement parental controls on every device. Roqos has many features allowing you protect your entire family with a click of a button.

  • PROTECTION EVERYWHERE: Protect your kids even while they are away from home with Roqos VPN

  • PAUSE INTERNET: Instantly pause your kids Internet access on all or specific devices

  • SCHEDULES: Create schedules with blocked Internet access, such as dinner, or homework times

  • FILTERS: Use predefined filter categories, or enter your own white/black list of sites

  • NOTIFICATIONS: Get real-time notifications on suspicious activities, network problems via phone or email

  • ACTIVITY: Find out what your kids are doing recently. Patent-pending technology.

  • HISTORY: View your kids’ Internet history, time spent on each site by each device. Patent-pending technology.

Protect Your Privacy & Identity With VPN

Roqos Virtual Private Network (VPN) protects your privacy and identity by creating a secure connection from your phone or laptop to your Roqos Core VPN router while you could be anywhere in the world. Simply use Roqos VPN app on your phone, or OpenVPN applications in your MAC, Windows or Linux PC. Setup takes a minute.

  • VPN-IN, Private Internet in Public Wi-Fi: Providing private Internet experience in public Wi-Fi networks by encrypting your Internet connection.
  • VPN-OUT, Bypass ISP Monitoring: By the recent FCC ruling, now ISPs can collect your usage information without your permission. With Roqos' "Private Internet" feature you can encrypt your Internet traffic by making a VPN connection to Roqos' secure VPN servers. (coming soon)
  • Watch Your Content From Anywhere: Stream HD content from services such as Netflix and Amazon, as well as from your media players in your home while you’re anywhere in the world.
  • KIDS' VPN, Parental Controls Away From Home: Roqos VPN app installed on your kids phones provides continuous parental controls even while your kids are away from home.
  • Dynamic DNS: Access your home network by a domain name rather than by IP addresses frequently changed by ISPs, e.g.
  • Most Secure: Roqos VPN uses the most trusted VPN technology called OpenVPN. As opposed to some VPN services hosted by international companies with VPN servers in unknown locations, Roqos VPN server is at the most secure location, your home.
  • Less Hassle: You don't need to install new software on every device. Roqos Core is ready for VPN.
  • Affordable: Roqos VPN and Dynamic DNS are already included in Roqos service, you don't need to pay extra.


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Protect your home against ransomware & other cyberattacks

Is your home cyber safe?

  • Are your laptops and PCs protected against hacking or ransomware?
  • Are your baby monitoring cameras closed to outsiders?
  • Would you know if somebody outside connects to your Wi-Fi?
  • Are you sure if your router, thermostats, or door locks don't have any back door for hackers?

Roqos Provides Enterprise Grade Cybersecurity

  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS): Widely used by enterprises to block ransomware, malware or suspicious activities
  • Country Block: Stop Internet traffic to and from certain countries to protect yourself from their cyber attacks
  • Ad Block: Block advertisements in web pages or applications on your phones and laptops per user or for the whole house
  • Automatic Security Updates: Get automatic updates for recent cybersecurity threats

BLOCK RANSOMWARE: Roqos Core is the only home router protection against ransomware, which is a malicious software designed to block access to laptops, phones, or TVs until a sum of money is paid.

Upcoming Features

We are working hard on some cool features coming soon. They will be free of charge to our existing customers.

  • Time Limits: Limiting Internet usage per site per device. Patent-pending technology.

  • Reporting: Receiving weekly reports on usage, network problems, new devices, threats, etc.

  • Backup Internet: Constant Internet connection with backup LTE Internet access.

  • IPV6: Connect your Roqos Core to IPV6 only ISPs around the world.

Why Monthly Service

Automatic Updates

No more firmware updates. Roqos Core's parental control and cybersecurity signatures are automatically and constantly updated.


Roqos Core comes with a life time hardware warranty during your service. We replace any defective unit with free advanced shipment.


VPN connection from public networks (VPN IN), monitoring kids outside home (KIDS' VPN), and whole house VPN connection (VPN OUT) are included.


Roqos support team has extensive networking experience. Support is always available through our support site, email and phone.


Roqos Core will be your last router with cutting-edge hardware technologies and enterprise-grade software, all with a low monthly service fee.

Dynamic DNS

Connect to your home network via your domain name (e.g. rather than changing IP addresses by using Roqos' Dynamic DNS service.

Peace of mind at affordable prices


  • Roqos Core at $89 additional
  • One year commitment
  • Additional months at $17
  • Cybersecurity signatures w/ service
  • Parental control signatures w/ service
  • VPN included w/ service
  • Dynamic DNS included w/ service
  • New features included w/ service
  • Lifetime hardware warranty w/ service
  • Customer Support w/ service

One Year

  • Roqos Core at $89 included
  • No commitment
  • Additional years at $149
  • Cybersecurity signatures w/ service
  • Parental control signatures w/ service
  • VPN included w/ service
  • Dynamic DNS included w/ service
  • New features included w/ service
  • Lifetime hardware warranty w/ service
  • Customer Support w/ service


  • Roqos Core at $89 included
  • No commitment
  • No additional fees
  • Cybersecurity signatures included
  • Parental control signatures included
  • VPN included
  • Dynamic DNS included
  • Lifetime new features included
  • 4 year hardware warranty
  • Lifetime Customer Support

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30-day money back guarantee & free shipping

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